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Are you planning a home or office construction project? Do you need funding to complete your next building project? If so, Satbir Bhullar is here to help you. With years of industry experience and a reputation for being the best construction mortgage broker in Surrey, I have successfully assisted hundreds of builders and property owners in obtaining an easy construction mortgage.

Regardless of the type of building project you have in mind or are already proceeding with, I can provide you with hassle-free mortgage approval for any project size. To bring your project to life, I specialize in completion and draw mortgage approval to secure the right funds.

    Our Construction Mortgage Services

    Construction Mortgage

    If you are open to any of the following building projects, you may easily apply for construction financing in Surrey with Satbir Bhullar. I specialize in getting mortgage approved for:

    Single-family homes




    Room additions

    Knockdown rebuilds

    Property remodeling

    Property restoration

    From houses to apartments and everything in between, I assist eligible property owners in obtaining the finances they need to complete their building projects.

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    Construction Mortgage

    Construction Loan Products I Offer

    My construction loan products consist of a Completion Mortgage and Draw Mortgage. In a completion mortgage, the borrower is required to pay no repayment to the lender until the property’s construction is completed. Whereas, in a draw mortgage, the borrower is allowed to access the funds in 15%, 40%, 65%, and 85% phases as the building process progresses.

    No matter, what your project size is, I can get your construction loan in Surrey approved in no time. I underwrite an impressive proposal and prepare an engaging loan application.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Satbir Bhullar works with a network of 30+ lenders to present builders and clients with a wide range of mortgage options to choose from. Some reasons to choose us include:

    Competitive Interest Rates

    Easy Application Process

    30+ Mortgage Deals

    Easy Repayment Options

    Our loans come with the most affordable interest rates and simple repayment plans so you can repay them without breaking the bank.