What Do You Need For Your Mortgage Renewal Application?

Is the term of your present mortgage about to expire? Do you intend to renew your mortgage? Each mortgage contract has a set duration, referred to as the mortgage period, which can be anywhere from a few months to more than five years. If you sign a mortgage agreement with a lender and find yourself unable to pay back the loan balance, you will need to get mortgage financing in Abbotsford.

Mortgage renewal in Abbotsford is required unless the remaining amount is not paid in full at the end of the mortgage term. For most homeowners, it takes several renewals to pay off their entire mortgage. Since every mortgage renewal is different, depending on your particular situation, your lender could need extra mortgage renewal documentation in Abbotsford.

Documents Needed to Renew a Mortgage

  1. A duplicate of your property tax statement
  2. a copy of your current mortgage statement
  3. a copy of your current lender offer
  4. a copy of your property insurance policy, and 
  5. a void check to initiate payments with the new lender


  • Examine Your Needs for a Mortgage Renewal

It is strongly recommended that you shop about and, if feasible, obtain a better offer with flexible repayments before renewing your mortgage with the same lender. To select the appropriate renewal period, ascertain the precise amount that remains to be paid. If everything is going well financially, consider a shorter mortgage term. If you believe that a financial strain would result in any payment delays, go for a long mortgage term with flexible repayment terms for an Abbotsford investment property mortgage.

  • Get Your Renewal Statement Ready

A renewal statement must be given to you by the lender for mortgage contracts signed with banks or other federally regulated financial institutions at least 21 days prior to the end of the mortgage term in question. The lender provides a printed or electronic document, often called a renewal statement that includes the following details:

  1. the amount of debt left at the time of renewal; 
  2. the interest rate and length of the mortgage; 
  3. the frequency of payments; 
  4. and any applicable charges or fees


  • Switch To Another Lender

Your mortgage application must be approved in advance by the new lender if you intend to transfer to them because they are offering a better mortgage renewal deal than your current one. The requirements that each lender uses to determine whether you qualify for a mortgage vary. 

  • Premiums for Mortgage Loan Insurance

If you already have mortgage loan insurance on your previous mortgage, you should let your new lender know. You might avoid having to pay premiums for mortgage loan insurance twice by doing this. Request a copy of the insurance certificate to be sent to you together with your mortgage contract from your current lender.

You must sign the registration documents that the notary or attorney has created and that are a part of your mortgage agreement. It is advisable to think about changing mortgage providers if your current mortgage has a collateral cost.

So, this blog was all about mortgage renewal and briefly listed the documents you need before applying a mortgage renewal in Abbotsford and Surrey. For more details on mortgage renewal, feel free to contact Satbir Bhullar, the best mortgage consultant in Abbotsford.