How to Prepare for Your Construction Mortgage Application?

Want to apply a construction mortgage? When building homes, most builders aim to maximize their financial resources and look for funding via a construction mortgage. A lender may provide all or the majority of the funds needed to build a home, depending on the type of mortgage you apply. A lender is someone you should have a very close relationship with, and they want you to succeed. 

If you are planning to apply a construction mortgage application, you should be aware of the following:

  • Pay Attention 

The most crucial thing an applicant can do is make sure they answer the lender’s demands for information in a timely manner. Get off to a good start since first impressions count. Every lender has a procedure that includes a unique set of paperwork that needs to be completed to move forward with your application.

  • Provide Accurate Information

Be precise and comprehensive in your information sharing. It is best to sign and submit stuff yourself rather than having staff members do it for you. Ask the lender if you suspect you won’t be qualified or if it appears that you lack certain things. It is not in your or your lender’s best interest to waste time on an ineffective solution. By doing this, issues in the future can be avoided.

  • Communicate Clearly

A positive relationship with your lender requires effective communication. Clear and thoughtful communication improves results by preventing misconceptions. While being forceful and even demanding at times is acceptable, excessive rudeness may result in the lender severing their relationship with you.

  • Have An Exit Thought 

Lenders want everything to move as smoothly as possible for both themselves and the builder. It desires financial gain for all parties. Even if the loan takes several extensions and results in higher interest and fees, paying off fast is the preferable conclusion. 

  • Value Your Time

It is the applicant’s responsibility to show that they constitute an effective working partnership. Request what you require from the lender, but do so politely and quickly. This includes having submitting precise application data, on-time and with accuracy.


Focus and a positive outlook go a long way toward making your construction mortgage application go well and approved in the one go. If you are looking for a reliable construction mortgage broker in Abbotsford and Surrey, Satbir Bhullar is here to assist you. From filing a mortgage application to getting you approved in the one go, we stand by our client’s side in getting a quick and competitive mortgage at an affordable price. Feel free to give us a call or schedule a consultation right away.