How Do Construction Mortgage Works in British Columbia?

Are you going to apply for a construction mortgage? Unsure if you qualify for a construction loan? Similar to a residential mortgage, homeowners can apply for a construction mortgage to cover the costs of financing a renovation or building project. These mortgages are a perfect choice for all of your building needs, regardless of whether you are a builder, contractor, or homeowner. 

Even though it sounds easy breezy, getting a construction loan is difficult, particularly if your credit score is not that great. Before obtaining a construction loan, a conventional lender, bank, or mortgage broker in Abbotsford will determine whether you qualify for one and evaluate the viability of your construction project. 

The Process For Construction Mortgage Approval

Construction mortgage in Abbotsford is a short-term loan that is meant to be used for a year, regardless of whether you choose to apply with a bank or a lender.

After the building period is over, the borrower has two choices to make:

  • Converting the construction debt to a long-term mortgage 
  • Getting a second loan to pay off the construction loan

These mortgages come with a range of terms and conditions for repayment, in contrast to other mortgages and private home loans. Some construction mortgages include a payback period that ends when the building is completed, while others just demand interest payments. The terms vary based on the lender you select.

Applications/ Uses Of Construction Mortgage

A construction mortgage or loan gives builders the flexibility they need to increase their company’s operations and customer base. This covers everything, from hiring temporary or permanent employees to paying contractors or buying the building supplies needed. 

Some of the applications of construction loan include:

  • Recruiting skilled workers to support business expansion; 
  • Obtaining resources required to complete the construction project; 
  • Buying or renting construction equipment to expedite development;
  • Get funds to start with design and building of new construction projects.

Apart from the above applications, builders or small construction companies can also use a construction loan for enhancing their online reputation through social media investments, developing a website, or obtaining online reviews to establish credibility and trust.


To ensure financial stability and completion of your building project on time, it is important to apply a construction mortgage that provides you enough funds you need. Applying for a construction loan can be challenging, but an Abbotsford mortgage broker can simplify the process for you. 

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